Racing events

Do you want to visit a racing event, but not like any other normal spectator? Because, Corsa Events can offer you access to several racing events by more than just a general admission ticket.

Carefully, Corsa Events will put some great packages together; from VIP-tickets that will give you special access for a Formula 1 race to a fully organized trip to the Indianapolis 500 (flight, hotels, transfers, tickets etc. included). Any wishes? Just contact usĀ and we will give you a detailed offer to your convenience; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Of course, you are still able to just arrange your entry tickets for any (inter)national race through the services of Corsa Events.

About us

Corsa Events is a young and innovative company, which is mainly focussed on organizing high-end track days throughout Europe. Combining the experience in events, automotive and racing makes Corsa Events distinctive in comparison to their competitors.

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Chamber of Commerce no.: 67676715