PR & Marketing

Corsa Events is able to fully relieve drivers, teams and companies of further obligations and any distractions, with the following services: 

  • Communication and public relations: press releases, news articles, newsletters and information on websites will be written, monitored, sent and uploaded during racing weekends. Presentations to sponsors, partners and interested parties will be printed, mailed and written during pre-season and while the season evolves;
  • Marketing: selling and promoting the services of our clients. Teams that are looking for drivers and/or potential partners will be supported with advice and implementation of their approach. Drivers that need a seat in a competitive team or racing class will be supported with attracting sponsors/partners and the carrying out of their goals and plans;
  • Negotiations: managing the relations with (potential) sponsors/partners, teams, drivers and stakeholders to get the best deals for our clients.

About us

Corsa Events is a young and innovative company, which is mainly focussed on organizing high-end track days throughout Europe. Combining the experience in events, automotive and racing makes Corsa Events distinctive in comparison to their competitors.

Contact us

Chamber of Commerce no.: 67676715