Spanish Speedweek 2021 - Cancelled

During the summer of 2021, Corsa Events, was planning to organize a week full of speed, fun, excitement and luxury under the Spanish sun. Due to the current health and travel restrictions, this week full of trackdays is cancelled.

Due to COVID-19, Corsa Events is unable to organize our 'Spanish Speedweek' during this year.

Of course, we are very sad with this news and tried our very best to find suitable solutions. But, we want to maintain our prestigious events and deliver the best possible quality. At the moment, we are simply unable to secure this high quality and decided to cancel it for this year.
We hope to service you in 2022 with an even better 'Spanish Speedweek'.

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Corsa Events is a young and innovative company, which is mainly focussed on organizing high-end track days throughout Europe. Combining the experience in events, automotive and racing makes Corsa Events distinctive in comparison to their competitors.

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