Driver management

For those who want to focus on the one thing that counts, winning races and championships, Corsa Events is offering their services.

We are able to fully relieve someone of further obligations and any distractions, with the following support:

  • Physical training: together with our partners we are able to get you fit for the next racing season and monitor your physical achievements and status during the season. We are working with high-level simulators, health coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists to get you to the top step of the podium;
  • Communication and public relations: press releases, news articles and information on personal websites will be monitored and uploaded at racing weekends. Presentations to sponsors will be printed, mailed and written during pre-season and while the season evolves;
  • Travelling: hotels, flights, tickets and transfers to the circuit will be arranged for drivers, their family, partners and sponsors;
  • Negotiations: communicating and negotiating with (potential) sponsors, teams and stakeholders to get the best deals for our clients;
  • Long term planning: focussing on the long term with setting the right goals to get the most out of the careers of our clients and getting the best return on investment for their partners;

So, you do not want to worry anymore about other things than just racing? Contact us for more details or any questions.

About us

Corsa Events is a young and innovative company, which is mainly focussed on organizing high-end track days throughout Europe. Combining the experience in events, automotive and racing makes Corsa Events distinctive in comparison to their competitors.

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